The Baker & The Beauty story

Nov 18, 2022 Entertainment

2 Must Watch Best Indian – Telugu Web Series

Millions of people are watching Telugu web series these days, and they are also searching to find the best one. Even though there are many Telugu web series, only some of them are good to watch and have a good story. Apart from that, some people like to watch web series of specific genres like comedy, horror, crime thriller, etc. aha is one of the best places to watch Telugu web series online based on your choice from anywhere and at any time.

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Two must-watch Telugu web series

If you are searching for the best Telugu web series with comedy and romance, you must try watching Agent Anand Santosh and The Baker & The Beauty. These two web series contain a unique and exciting story that has attracted many viewers.

The cast of The Baker & The Beauty

Jonathan Vesapogu directs the web series The Baker & The Beauty with the main characters Santosh Sobhan as Vijay or Vijju and Tina Shilparaj as Aira Vasireddy. Other characters include Venkat, Jhansi, Vishnu Priya, and Srikanth Iyengar.

The Baker & The Beauty story

The Baker & The Beauty is a romantic comedy-drama web series about the love story between Vijju and Aira. They find it hard to maintain their relationship because of specific differences. Vijju or Vijay is a poor baker while Aira is a supermodel and they become overwhelmed by class, caste, religion, and social differences. The whole web series is about their love relationships with fun and entertainment, which keeps the users thinking about whether their relationship will succeed or not.

The cast of Agent Anand Santosh

Agent Anand Santosh web series is directed by Jonathan Vesapogu starring Shanmukh Jaswanth as Anand Santosh. The other cast members are Prithvi Jhakaas, Vaishali Raj, Balakrishna Neelakantapuram, Jenny, and Alankrita Shah.

Agent Anand Santosh’s story

Agent Anand Santosh is a web series with a unique combination of comedy, romance, and crime. It is the story of Anand, who strives to grow up as a professional detective agent and starts a detective agency initially. The whole web series involves him solving certain cases and the problems he faces. The fun fact of this series is the small cases that Anand handles, like finding the lost tire of a car.

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