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Apr 01, 2023 Socialmedia

Buying Instagram followers – how long before they unfollow you again?

Many people consider purchasing followers as it appears to be an easy way to increase their follower count quickly. There is always the question of how long these purchased followers will stick around before they unfollow you again. When you buy Instagram followers, the chances are that you’re not getting real people following your account. Bots or inactive accounts won’t interact with your content or contribute meaningfully. These fake followers may initially make your profile look more attractive and credible. They won’t provide any value in terms of engagement or conversions.

Instagram algorithms quickly detect fake accounts and bots following your page. If there is no organic growth on your account despite having plenty of followers bought from third-party sources like websites that offer buy high-quality Instagram followers services. Then it sends a signal that something fishy is going on with your account leading toward negative impacts such as shadow banning which means a reduction in the visibility of your content on the user’s feed for some time. Detects that you have purchased fake followers, will penalize you by reducing the overall reach and engagement rate for all posts made even after the removal of bought followers. Decrease credibility among audiences who prefer genuine interactions on social media.

There’s no guarantee about how long these purchased followers will stick around before they unfollow you again. They have no interest or intention to follow anyone back voluntarily which means they only serve as temporary placeholders until replaced by real fans through legitimate channels like organic growth strategies. Using relevant hashtags in post captions, creating engaging content, running contests, or collaborating with other accounts. Buying followers is unethical and frowned upon by the platform itself. Instagram has a strict policy against buying followers, and if detected, they will take action against your account which could result in the suspension of your account permanently.

Purchasing followers is not only unethical but also ineffective in the long run. Boosting your follower count will not help you build genuine connections and engagement with your target audience. Instead of wasting money on fake followers that will eventually unfollow you again anyway, focus on building an organic following through high-quality content and social media marketing strategies with your brand values. Remember that having a large number of followers does not guarantee success on Instagram. An engaged following is much better than thousands of fake followers who don’t interact with your content. So stay true to yourself and let organic growth lead you toward achieving sustainable success on this popular social media platform.